We are pleased to present our highly specialised services in domain of building and administration of servers and web sites.

Our projects represent the top technology, quality and worldwide trends in web design.

Dynamic and extended pool of information, efficient search engines, Java and CGI programming, eye catching and professional web site design - are a few of the services that we provide for our customers.

WE DO NOT USE STENCILS! Our projects are designed individually and are unique, this however unable us to provide a set price list for our work. Prices are specific to the project required.

   Please find below detailed plan of our involvement to enable you to see all the stages followed in most scenarios:

1st Stage - The Analysis

This stage enables us to find out the client's marketing needs. This involves:

• finding out the type of business (including products or services    provided by the client) and business environment of the company
• research and analysis of the client's competitors
• discussions about formal administration of the future web site

2nd Stage - The Design

This is the fundamental stage of our involvement. This stage will determine the final result of the desired web site. This will include:

• logical planning and consultation - finding out what the client wants   to include on the web page, e.g.: photos, drawings, text, etc and   also our suggestions and advise
• graphic design - paper sample of the page
• future plan - discussions on how we will proceed

3rd Stage - The Project

This stage involves building the web site. This will involve:

• exchanging documentation, e.g.: photos, text to be included,    graphics, interactive elements, sound, etc
• reporting on the progress and tasks completed
• correction and perfection of the design

4th Stage - Completion

This stage will complete the project. This will include:

• implementing the web site globally
• final exchange of documents
• client takes over the web site officially

5th Stage - Collaboration

Although the project is completed our involvement does not have to end. We would recommend that we would continue to work together through out the web sites life.
We can offer:

• update services
• web site administration
• expansion of the web site at a later stage as necessary